Season 2023-24

By Phil Reade

A New Season

The Committee of the Wolverhampton & District Sunday Football League would like to wish ALL clubs the best of luck for the new season ahead.

We start on Sunday 3rd September and hope that everyone will remember to enjoy the game we all love and care passionate about.

We welcome the new clubs who have joined us this season and look forward to working with you all.

A reminder that we have also welcomed new referees to the League and some of them are U18 and are looking for the experience in open age football. We ask that you show them respect at all times as they begin their journey in refereeing.

We advise clubs to encourage players to refrain from abusing ALL referees who all give up their time to officiate your games.

Avoiding fines is paramount for every club so please think about your actions on the field of play, misconduct costs clubs a lot of money every season id your players choose to misbehave.

Enjoy your football.

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